Poems & Polaroids – An elegy

A hundred aches
I’ve endured, but none
corroded me down till
the very filaments
secretly stored in the
glass jars of my soul.

You’d tell me how
sunsets were a miracle
before you stole
them from the nature
as polaroids. Now

changing crimson hues
above only remind me
of the blood
I could never quench
your body with.

Perhaps, rivers failed
to merge with the shore,
whereas skies were
left eclipsed ever since
the last I gazed
with you. My poems try

to keep your polaroids
alive, despite I
remain a homeless man
who couldn’t build you
a mansion of bones.

– Anuj Mahadik

Poems & Polaroids is an elegy to one of my closest friends –¬†Vivek Singh whom I lost to leukemia last year. It was his death anniversary exactly two months ago. I’d really appreciate if you could take a moment to wish the best for his spirit. Thanks, my lovely folks!

Photo by: HJ WIlliam

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