Dimly Lit Bars – A spoken word

Perhaps dimly lit bars
quite remarkably resemble
the insides of me,
the insides of you.

Despite of the heartaches
we never talk about,
there’s something
that makes us hold onto
the trunks that refused
to grow branches.

They wouldn’t shelter
bird nests anymore.
So how would our hearts
become the falcons again?

More often than not this
thought, makes it painfully
difficult to survive our truest
self. When are we going
to stop sowing hope in a land
barren by melancholy?

I pray we endure, some way.
I hope we don’t embrace
the darkness and become
a part of it.

I wish you become
the instruments at the very
center, and I – the music
resonating across every corner.
I know we’d make love
to each other this way,

with a rhythm known to none;
someday, in a different
realm. A dimly lit bar
for someone else.

– Anuj Mahadik

Photo by HJ William.

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