Why, Oh why – A spoken word

Words scribbled at the back
of my books gradually transitioned
from untitled couplets to well written
verses. As the days passed by it took
the shape of poetry. How baffled
was I when you read them all while
returning my misplaced book!

You said I must write you a letter
sometime, and that misplaced
a bunch of my heartbeats too.
You added, perhaps a column in
the magazine? All perplexed, perspired
me; instantly replied with a Hell no!

But you persisted and the impact
of that one poem halved
the paper wastage in the classes
across the building and doubled
my urge to write, to start the blog
I always told you about, and
even slam on saturday evenings.

Why, oh why, dint we talk before?

I simply admire how ardently
you strived at every given
storytelling opportunity; even
the elocutions and the debates.
A hundred eyes n’ ears would pay
undivided attention, our peers would
pause, stand, wait – glue their feet

while you made a striking point
on the mic about how the campus
could’ve been way cleaner, and
greener if not as appealing as
the photo shopped one we fell for
on the college prospectus.

Why, oh why, dint we meet before?

Soon came the culturals and we
grabbed buckets of paint n’ brushes.
How naturally did I felt necessary
to spill our wrenching hearts
upon walls that amplified the cries
of a planet so terribly bruised!
Our murals created ripples across
the city, for they were too loud

to be ignored. Indeed, the laurels
spoke for themselves. Trust me
those wall paintings are still alive
right as we speak. To inspire
and cultivate your ideas among
countless pedestrians, whether
day or night, every single minute,
no matter what season.

Why, oh why, dint you stay to see?

The other day while walking down
the same street, a teen squeezed
the earlobe of her boyfriend
who littered the pavements with
their cola cans. To me that
remains the most priceless medal.
How the rage of two lovers is
evident in each stroke upon
every brick even to this day!

We’re a team, we always were
impulsive and invincible.

But why, oh why, dint you stay any longer?

– Anuj Mahadik

Photo by: Savio Pashana

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