Dynamite – A song

Verse 1

Would you drag the plough
against the mud and let a sweat
sparkle in the burning sun,
if you knew the famine was
sure as hell supposed to strike.

Would you care to let me
hammer the rock anyway if
you won’t have known the power
of your torch in a dark dungeon
or a coal mine, callous and cold?


But you stayed
Babe, you’re a fucking dynamite.
Bought me back from the dead
Babe, you’re a fucking dynamite.

Verse 2

May my chest forfeit massacres,
time’s a futile grip on the blind.
Why do I water the rhythm of a
dying cacti, when what we held
onto is corroding all that binds.

Could we sustain the threshold when
the breaking point’s about to die?
Despite of all foes and fights,
yet its crazy you won’t let this
plight and pain erode me or my will.


Babe, you’re the cutting edge
With all devil’s infernal might.
Dare somebody say otherwise
Babe, you’re a fucking dynamite.

Verse 3

Its somehow safe to tell you,
this toil’s been decelerating me
like a reverse gear tragic turmoil.
But you cared, kept me self aware,
no matter, what hour of the day.

You helped me dispose my misery
tonight, let’s bury all scavengers
back to their grave, darling.
Let’s galvanize and be the diamond
graveled kites that we both are.


How could I dare to deny
Babe, you’re a fucking dynamite.
Break the odds that won’t comply
Babe, you’re the only dynamite.

– Anuj Mahadik

Charcoal sketch by my lovely Vrinda Bhargava.

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