Liquid Prison – A gothic poem

Welcome to the liquid prison, my friend
that gets stronger when you know
you can’t rid your own tragic poison;
as all that makes you, shreds you now.

A dungeon you’ve never dwelled before
where all the hues merge in transparence
and dive into the tar, a stream of holy gore;
to gamble with a hundred tattered veins.

Arson all the crimson in me and replace
it with a carcass that won’t quit anyway;
this cure is a mirage of an oasis amidst
the pores that cruelly drain till you’re grey.

I seek no glory, any solace or hollow pride
once I’ve placed the last one up there
before my house of card dies, I’ve tried;
this remedy chokes harder the more you survive.

Shackles sting to orchestrate a death lullaby
and resurrect the reign of insomniac spells;
a pale sodomy perishing hopes faster than skin,
don’t let your vengeance smother in jails.

– Anuj Mahadik

Photo by: HJ William

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