Opaque Eyes – A dark poem

Have these eyes become so opaque?
And all the reservoirs seem to be
decorated with your spider webs;
Not a single tear seeps through
any sand grain in this hour glass.

Crystallize anger with my agony,
craft a nib that could scatter again,
write a word upon every jigsaw brick.
Modesty may get you murdered
inside the spirals woven off late.

Ruptured clouds have a black luster
that drench you with a molten demise;
fading leaflets leak the broken pitchers,
torment is clustered and sparse are dreams.
How would you stir the morsels of fate?

Clamp all your fragile elements for once
and sail through my withering skin.
Inhale the fumes that drown
every single cemetery burning again;
plague me with skeletal hopes that ruin.

– Anuj Mahadik

Photo by: HJ William

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