The Irony – A spoken word


Classroom desks were cozy, but
were headed to be replaced by
the air conditioned cubicles
among the callously cold hearted.

Now, foolish we often feel while
forwarding emails with footers
that read “Go green, Go paperless
like a burdensome daily routine.

Sitting straight, sipping cappuccino
in the use-n-throw styrofoam cups
that we choose over washable mugs,
’cause corporate coffee breaks
don’t last for over fifteen minutes

Sigh! The irony has just begun.


What isn’t fast enough and fancy,
let’s shove it in the dustbins,
let’s replace it right away, ever since
the most minuscule difference in
the unending sequels to our gadgets

And their rare editions have been
ridiculously labeled as some versions
ultra updated. Relentlessly well marketed
smart phones – readily bought to make
us feel validated by the dumbest of all.

We nod our heads and crowd our carts
with things we would never need, and
it doesn’t matter at what discount
we’re made to buy crap if eventually
it’s our mother’s womb that pays the price.

She get’s conveniently raped, injected
and land-filled with our every toxic luxury
and troublesome electronic that’s been
discarded as outdated in the blink of an eye.

Sigh! The irony has just begun.


Today, we don’t have questioning teachers
but tomorrow we remain answerable to kids
about our choices, about our sins.

Kids of an entire generation receiving
oxygen tanks and multipurpose gas mask kits
as their very first birthday gifts;

We aren’t filling in the blanks anymore,
we aren’t giving reasons to anyone.
But are we too blank to reason ourselves
if I took a mere graded subject for granted
or treated the whole planet like a whore?

Indeed, I did.
I may die, my deed.
Indebted, outdated.

Sigh! The irony will end us all.

– Anuj Mahadik

Photo by Pik-a-Shoot alias Anant Mishra.

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