Transitions of a Carcass – Silage

Read the First Part: Shadows and the Second Part: Seasons.


The barks would continue
to grow thicker, with
time and tide. Yet I’d
return to deepen
our name carved upon
its skin. For I’m still
holding onto you.

By the time it’s monsoon,
I feel I’d become
good enough to tutor
these young vines
to romance and blanket
the crooked niches
of an old tree.

The lifeless pages
upon which I wrote with
a reed, were now a few
inches covered under
the snow. Unlike me,

a carcass buried alive
under the earth
of our memories. Alas!
After our last embrace
The silage of you
stayed with me.

– Anuj Mahadik

This is the third part of the series Transitions of a carcass. The three part series reflects how nature always shelters us in different phases of pain and plight. I clicked this picture on an old analog camera almost 6 to 7 years ago.


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